Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions I

Culture Club: Tackling Organizational Challenges Around Technology
Presenters:  Jeff Forster, Bayer Center; Seth Hufford, Consultant

Sometimes the technology problem has little to do with equipment, software or even hard skills.  Instead, in order to get the most out of technology resources, people have to change.  Changing the culture of our organizations to make use of information technology can be way harder than acquiring “the stuff” or mastering the required skill sets.  This interactive workshop will feature a peer advice forum in which your pressing technology culture issues are described, assessed and addressed.  Whether you bring an issue to discuss or come ready to workshop a peer’s issue, you’ll roll up your sleeves and learn about how a person with techie responsibility can bring about lasting change.

It’s a Visual World After All: Designing Usable and Accessible Websites
Presenter:  Tiffany Kuchta, Allegheny Graphics Web Design

Users do not simply observe your website; they interact with it (hopefully not by swearing at it).  Learn some basic principles that will help you create layout elements that present your content in an appealing and intuitive way.  Get ready to embrace your sidebar.  (Don’t) Get crazy with your primary navigation structure, and give your lonely footer some love. We’ll discuss usability and accessibility from both a code and design perspective, so you’ll be prepared to intelligently create or critique your current website or next website revision.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?: A Peek at Office 2010
Presenter:  Gina McGrath, YWCA of Westmoreland County

Are you excited about the release of Office 2010, or is the prospect of another upgrade making your head spin?  If your nonprofit never made the jump to 2007, should you skip that and go straight to 2010?  What are the differences between this latest version and 2007?  2003?  If you are pondering the switch to the latest version of Office, this session will give you a chance to see the new software in action, find out what’s new and what’s different, and allow you to ask questions relevant to your organization’s decision to upgrade.

Breakout Sessions II

Creating Online Evangelists: How to Excite and Motivate Your Supporters Online
Presenters:  John Kenyon, Consultant; Shannon Snook, UCP/CLASS

Rather than trying to reach out to your supporters’ personal networks, what about empowering them to reach out for you?  A personal message about why someone supports your organization is much more powerful than a message from an unknown person. In this session, we’ll describe how you can excite your supporters and motivate them to spread your message via social networks. We’ll review examples of organizations that have empowered their stakeholders and reached whole new audiences of prospective supporters.

ROI Rage: How to Measure Engagement in Social Media Like a Beast
Presenter:  Dave Tinker, ACHIEVA

While social media can be a disruptive technology for nonprofits, it has allowed agencies and constituents to share their voices and push information in real time like never before.  But…are all your tweets for naught?  How do you know if people are listening? In this session, we will discuss simple tools you can use to measure engagement and return on investment (ROI) beyond counting your number of followers.

Windows 7:  Microsoft Throws the Dice and Comes Up with a Winner
Presenter:  Kristen Furnari, Advos IT

Windows 7 may be the most stable and robust Microsoft operating system yet.  In this session, get a look at the power and flexibility of 7.  See a demo of new features, like Super Bar, Snap and Shake, Libraries, and Sticky Notes.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions to help as you make decisions about upgrading at your organization.

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